Cartier-Bresson in Liverpool

13 thoughts on “Cartier-Bresson in Liverpool”

      1. Hi Gerry, I don’t think they do, although part of St Anne’s School was at the top of Lovat Street which might be still there. The picture of Leyland Street looks up to the pub on the corner of Harboard Street then up to Juno Street with Wavertree Road running across the top in the distance.

  1. St Annes school is still there, but there has been so much rebuilding and alteration of road layouts in that area in the last 40-odd years that the scene photographed by Cartier-Bresson is now something from a lost past.

  2. It is nice that these scenes are recorded for posterity. But this fascination for working class Liverpool life? Dockers were just a group of labourers, no different to any labourers in any other city. Liverpool was much more than lower working class life and dockers.

    1. So it was – but I think many in Liverpool would want to sit down with you over a pint and argue the case that the dockers were different in many respects, not least working conditions and tradition of solidarity.

  3. Liverpool was not all about a large group of labourers. They are not representative of Liverpool as a whole. Men in Woolton were working in mainly agricultural work – very different – yet in Liverpool. Other were building engines and other products. They are all forgotten over a bunch of labourers working on docks. London does not go on about the London docks, neither does Glasgow or Hull.

    I am sure the Egyptian’s think the labourers who built the pyramids were different as well – who left something for all to see.

  4. These dockers were in the 1960s yet they wore clothes like in the 1930s. Frozen in time, no progress. These pictures could easily be the 1930s. No wonder the docks closed.

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