Wendell Berry: What we need is here

12 thoughts on “Wendell Berry: What we need is here”

  1. Great post Gerry! I’ve been a long time fan of Berry, discovered him when I was in the States. I’ve tweeted that it is a good blog post for Climate Impacts Day #connectthedots

  2. Cheers, Fred. Regarding Climate Impact Day I like this comment by Bill McKibben: “We just celebrated Earth Day. May 5 is more like Broken Earth Day, a worldwide witness to the destruction global warming is already causing.

  3. You did enjoy(?) the Berry post! Great essay, I will circulate this, in fact, unless I have missed it, I will inform The Guardian of this as so far I have not seen any evidence of a report of Berry’s lecture, amazing for a newspaper with its outlook, reportage quality and with a huge environmental section.
    As for Berry, well who is listening? There are no votes in this, the system is far too corrupt, too obligated to itself and selfishness, so its up to us I guess. Where’s a MLK when you need one?

    1. Sorry, Les – I meant to thank you in the post for alerting me to Berry’s lecture. Thanks for circulating. Cheers, Gerry

      1. No need for apologies, I’m just happy you picked up on it and did such a great job, have tweeted and e mailed George Monbiot re Berry too, not too much coverage in the USA either, but then as always a prophet is never recognised in his/her own country.

    2. Seems to me that you, and Gerry, and my friend Wendy ARE the MLK. Slowly, I’ve been seeing (and passing along) fragments of Berry’s essays and poetry to all sorts of new places. It’s a slow awakening–for me, too, but many of us are listening. Wendy sent me the following Berry poem recently, and I can’t get it out of my head:

      The Real Work

      It may be that when we no longer know what to do
      we have come to our real work,

      and that when we no longer know which way to go
      we have come to our real journey.

      The mind that is not baffled is not employed.

      The impeded stream is the one that sings.

      — Wendell Berry

  4. Great post, great comments – like ‘Broken Earth Day’ (although like is not quite the right term). By the way thanks for looking at my blog and the follow etc! I have been following you since I started my blog- everything you write is interesting.

    1. Thank you, Diana. Although the blog started life primarily as a journal that would help me remember things I’d seen or read, I echo the words of your recent post: ‘It is always encouraging to find there are people out there who actually look at what I put out into the ether of the internet. One of the joys of blogging is making connections in the most unexpected places across the world’. I recommend your blog (http://dianajhale.wordpress.com/) to readers of this.

  5. Alistair McIntosh? he of ‘Soil and Soul’, yes I imagine he would agree with Berry on much that he has to say, he rid a Scottish Island of its ‘Laird’, and with the help of a Native American Chief….almost ironic that 100 years or so after the removal of all but a few of that race of people, a Chief should assist in ridding a ‘landowner’ from his. What goes around I guess and for anyone who missed it, last year Obama came to a settlement v. Cobell to the tune of approximately 3 billion dollars, as the US Government were being sued by the Indian Nation for loss of money owed that was promised a zillion years ago (but obstructed by plenty of government officials) as restitution for occupation of their lands and mineral rights never paid out. Mrs Cobell, extraordinary woman, took on the government and won….then sadly passed away this year. There is a website dedicated to her life and a film hopefully nearing completion about her brave undertaking.

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