Patti Smith’s Banga: new lands to be explored

Reviewing Patti Smith’s new album, Banga, for Pitchfork, Lindsay Zoladz writes: Remember those words that shot out of her lips like hot lightning on her brilliant 1978 record Easter: “I don’t fuck much with the past, but I fuck plenty with the future.” Well, more than three decades later, Banga is the work of someone interested in fucking … Continue reading Patti Smith’s Banga: new lands to be explored

Sebald: After Nature

What is this being called human?’ Recently I blogged about the event at Aldeburgh that celebrated the work of WG Sebald, Patience and Re-Enchantment, which culminated in a performance by Patti Smith at which she read from Sebald’s first literary work, published only posthumously, the prose-poem After Nature. I hadn’t been aware of this before, … Continue reading Sebald: After Nature