Oxford B&B

We spent 24 hours in Oxford last week – there primarily to see Cezanne and the Modern, the current exhibition at the Ashmolean.  Somehow, I’ve reached retirement age without ever having been to Oxford before, so we spent time strolling through the streets of the town and ambling along the shaded path that lies between the Cherwell and … Continue reading Oxford B&B

Arundel Avenue’s Quaker burial ground: a secret garden hidden from view

I must have walked past the narrow, gated alleyway on Arundel Avenue a thousand times before I even noticed it.  When I did, and saw the small plaque which explained that beyond the gate there lay a Quaker Burial Ground, I never imagined so large a space lay down the narrow passage.  On Sunday, as the result … Continue reading Arundel Avenue’s Quaker burial ground: a secret garden hidden from view

Hidcote Manor garden

On our way back from Stratford yesterday we called in at Hidcote Manor Garden, regarded as one of England’s great gardens. It was the lifelong passion of  self-taught gardener Lawrence Johnston who created his ‘garden of rooms’ in the Arts and Crafts style.  being so close to Stratford (though over the border in the Gloucestershire … Continue reading Hidcote Manor garden


Look to your life. Rest your kindness and your unkindness now, and listen: I know what makes your heart clench coldly in all weathers, I know how it feels that it always will. Bear that. Look to your life, to your one given garden. – Garden by Sam Willetts Continue reading Garden