Peeling the Onion: Gunter Grass has the last word

When the death of Gunter Grass was announced recently, among the obituaries and appreciations I read were words of praise for his infamous memoir, Peeling the Onion, first published in Germany in 2006.  I remember reading a few reviews when the English translation came out a year later, and being put off. Probably, I read Michael Hoffman’s ill-tempered review … Continue reading Peeling the Onion: Gunter Grass has the last word

Heimat: unreliable memories and ‘living-in-spite-of-everything’

Edgar Reitz For us, this autumn has had something of a German tinge: listening to Neil MacGregor’s Memories of a Nation radio series, seeing the Anselm Kiefer retrospective. Then there were Germany’s November anniversaries, including the quarter-century since the Wall came down.  Meanwhile, I’ve been reading the last two episodes in David Downing’s espionage thriller series – each book the title … Continue reading Heimat: unreliable memories and ‘living-in-spite-of-everything’