PaulTrevor-William Henry Street Everton 1975

The exhibition of Paul Trevor’s photos of Liverpool’s working class streets and high rise flats, shot in Granby and Everton in 1975, doesn’t open until May, but I couldn’t wait to share his wonderful images, which can be viewed now on Flickr.

Paul Trevor came to Liverpool in 1975 as a member of  the ‘Survival Programmes’ project, which looked at inner city deprivation. He spent several months recording family in Granby and Everton, capturing glorious images of a community defiant and proud despite a backdrop of mass unemployment and poverty.  He says:

I have very fond memories of my time spent recording life in Everton and Granby in 1975. Despite initially worrying whether I would be accepted into the community, people were very friendly and happy to be photographed.  Britain’s inner cities were difficult places to live in during that era. Life was hard. But despite this I found people who were grappling through life with humour and energy.

Annie Lord, Head of Museum exhibitions at National Museums Liverpool, says: ‘Paul Trevor’s work in Liverpool in the 1970s was remarkable.  The black and white images give us a real glimpse of family life in the city during that era. We are very excited about displaying Paul’s images in Liverpool this year and intrigued to see whether people in the photos are still around.  A lot of the photos he took were of youngsters who would now be in their 40s with families of their own’.

The exhibition of Paul Trevor photos will be on show at the Walker, from May to September, as part of the first Liverpool International Photography Festival, Look 11.  They are truly wonderful images that seem to come from a lost world, and can be seen now on Paul Trevor’s photostream on Flickr.


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