Making a beeline for Richard Long

7 thoughts on “Making a beeline for Richard Long”

  1. Richard Long is one of my favourite artists. Since I no longer live in the UK I couldn’t see the exhibit, so thank you for your description of your path to see his work

    1. Yes – I liked that, too. It seemed different to the other work of his that I knew, but later, in the shop, I copped a bargain: because it was the last week of the show, they were selling his latest book, Walking the Line, half-price, and in there it appears he’s been doing these ‘painted’ works for some time – swirls, circles or other or shapes formed from mud smeared on a gallery wall; sometimes circles or labyrinths of mud hand-prints.

  2. Thanks Gerry; I live in Wakefield and have visited the Hepworth exhibition a couple of times. Your photograph of the mud ‘Waterfall’ enabled me to see it differently though…I could see the ‘flattened’ mid-section, in perspective, and helped me to make sense of the whole piece. It’s great when you get to see something differently, isn’t it! Thanks.
    I saw Long’s exhibition in Edinburgh a few years ago; lots of his mud paintings; thumb prints; on many different surfaces. Very intimate, compared with the more usual large-scale work he normally creates. They felt very warm, and human. As well as showing the range of shades, tones, colours of different river muds. Specific geology. I did some research on Long (and Hepworth) when I wrote my M.A. dissertation 5 or 6 years ago. I explored landscape and spirituality, and art. The shapes used by Long, lines, spirals, and circles, are echoed in spiritual belief systems. I was linking things together. Cheers,

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