Here’s a BBC documentary film regarding children who were photographed in Liverpool in May 1966 with Bob Dylan – tracked down by Chris Hockenhull 40 years later. It’s about photographs that are my favourites of Dylan at his coolest.

This photograph of  Dylan in the Dock Road area of Liverpool was taken by Barry Feinstein, a photographer who accompanied Dylan during his world tour, a year after he caused uproar among his folk fans by going electric.

According to Chris Hockenhall, a Dylan enthusiast from Merseyside who tracked down the children for a BBC North West documentary, Feinstein didn’t like performance pictures and would take Dylan out to shoot on location.

“Dylan and Feinstein just seemed to have stumbled into what amounted to a kids’ playground. It was such a clash of 1960s culture. The kids looked like Victorian street urchins and Dylan looked like a man from Mars with his loud shirt and wild hair – that’s what fascinated me.”

Barry Feinstein recalls the occasion; “We were down in this area and all these kids were around. I said to Bob ‘Let’s have a picture of them’. The kids all sort of gathered around him and filled in the spaces. He was just sitting there. I think he was enjoying it. He likes kids.”

The location in the photograph still exists, in Dublin Street, close to Liverpool’s Dock Road. The picture was taken on 14 May 1966, Dylan was playing Liverpool’s Odeon Theatre that evening. In the afternoon when the photograph was taken Everton were completing one of the greatest FA Cup Final comebacks against Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley. Many of the children’s parents were watching the game so they were left to play in the local streets.

Dylan with Liverpool kids 1966

The photograph was not published until 1999, when it appeared in a book by Feinstein, Early Dylan. It was also used in a booklet that accompanied the official Colombia Records release of the legendary Royal Albert Hall bootleg, a recording of the concert that actually took place at Manchester Free Trade Hall. Intrigued by the photograph, Mr Hockenhull began searching for the location and eventually found it.

It took a further eight months to track down nine of the 10 children, some of whom were in Scotland and London. One was unable to make the second photograph, taken last November, and the tenth could not be traced.

He said: “Very few of the children had any recollection of the event in 1966. What really fascinated me is that they were not Dylan fans.A man with a cine camera swept into the area in a big black car and offered them 10 shillings to have their picture taken.”

One of the women in the photograph, Bernadette Gill, 47, is now a doctor’s receptionist in Knotty Ash in Liverpool. She said: “I don’t remember a thing about the original photograph. It’s lovely to look at it, though, and realise what you’ve been part of.”


19 thoughts on “Dylan with Liverpool kids, 1966

      1. Thanks, Chris. Thought it must be, as the link on this post still works. But these things come and go on YouTube. Dylan’s staff seem particularly alert to any breaches of copyright.

  1. might be wrong , but i think that’s Dublin street , off Great Howard street , Liverpool
    you can clearly see the Brown Cow Pub, on the top corner of the street !!

    1. Sorry my friend the pub is the Brown Cow and it is still there as a café but you can still see the old name above on the brickwork

      1. Thanks for the backup Allan, the Brown Cow pub was directly opposite the Bull on Dublin Street if my memory serves me right, was a regular during the late 80,s and early 90,s when both the Tommys owned the pub ;) One guy was a Truck Driver / Company Owner and the other guy went to sea with my Dad Vic (The Gun ) Williams ;)

    2.…please see pictures regarding the Brown Cow

      1. Hi There

        I believe that it is Regent Road at the end of Dublin Street in this photo, you can see Clarence dock wall, also I recognise the two pointed warehouses at the end, these are still here. I only mention this as I am currently renovating the old Farmer’s Arms pub just round the corner on Regent Road and was wanting to know if there is anywhere I can get a copy of this wonderful photo from. I am trying to include as many photos of the great buildings around the area in the bar, having this photo of Dylan up just seems right.


  2. That warehouse doorway in Dublin Street is exactly as it was in 1966, except drainpipe has been replaced with square one. Visited in February 2016

  3. Hi

    I am currently renovating the old farmers arms pub on Regent Road just around the corner from where these photos were taken. I have commissioned my friend, a local photographer to take some pictures of the surrounding architecture, so I might bring a little of Liverpool’s docking past into the bar. Does anyone know where I might get hold of a good copy of these photos as they would be a great talking point for the bar which is on the corner of Dublin Street itself.


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