The ruins of Kefalonia

Ruins are plentiful on the island of Kefalonia – not surprising, given that humans first settled on the island in Palaeolithic times, and important communities arose in the Mycenaean and Classical eras. Of all the ruins, the most atmospheric and poignant must be those that remain following the devastating earthquakes which struck the island in August 1953. Arriving on the island soon after the earthquake … Continue reading The ruins of Kefalonia

Voyage to Ithaca

Always keep Ithaca in your mind. To arrive there is your final destination. But do not rush the voyage in the least. Better it last for many years; and once you’re old, cast anchor on the isle, rich with all you’ve gained along the way, expecting not that Ithaca will give you wealth. – from ‘Ithaca’ … Continue reading Voyage to Ithaca

The Travelling Players and a new Greek tragedy

Dimitris Christoulas was a retired local chemist , 77 years old and described as decent, law-abiding and dignified. A committed leftist, he was active in citizens’ groups such as ‘I won’t pay’, one of the largest elements in the Greek anti-austerity movement.   Like so many of Greece’s older generation, the retired pharmacist had found himself … Continue reading The Travelling Players and a new Greek tragedy