David Hare’s Page Eight: classy television

3 thoughts on “David Hare’s Page Eight: classy television”

  1. The first piece of drama (theatre or tv) by David Hare that I have willingly sat through and found both credible and entertaining. Well structured, without getting bogged down in circuitous flights of plot, the writing and characterisations were excellent and believable.

    As always I wanted to fire a rocket at Bill Nighy when he lapsed into laziness and just gave us his ‘natural’ (pre-drama school) mumbling monotone, but nevertheless I believed in all his relationships and rather envied his opportunity to fly off into the unknown at the denouement with a nice big bag of cash to cushion him in his old age.

    Hare’s take on modern international politics is disturbing of course but beautifully presented with first class production values.

  2. A very fine piece of work in my view; not offensive really, in any part, which is exceeding rare these days. I’m on my tenth view, as I find it so relaxing to have the finely timed music driving the film, the wonderfully framed shots, and the excellent dialogue…movies come and they go, they come and they go, to paraphrase Judy Davis’ lines, but not this time.

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