In pursuit of Bruegel

For a while now we have had the idea of pursuing Pieter Bruegel the Elder by visiting cities where his works are exhibited – including Brussels, Antwerp and Vienna.  I’ll also add posts about paintings by Bruegel that we have seen in London, Berlin and Madrid. It’s not an original idea: we were inspired by Robert L Bonn’s, Painting Life, in which the author does the same.

Bruegel room, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna lge
Bruegel room, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

4 thoughts on “In pursuit of Bruegel

  1. Don.t forget Bruegel’s drawings and engravings! There are about 150 often hidden away in draws in many different museums. They range from Alpine scenes to highly imaginative Bosch-like designs full of amazing details and they give a whole other aspect to his genius.

  2. Your Brueghel essays and photographs are among the most magnificent creations I have ever seen online since 1990 when I first began to use the Internet. Your Brueghel reproductions are amazingly clear and high resolution. How on earth did you do it? Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I’m pleased you have enjoyed my pursuit of Bruegel. I can’t remember for all the galleries, but in Vienna photography was allowed and we were there at an early hour with hardly anyone else in the rooms to intrude upon with my camera.

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