Lucian Freud: dogged portraitist

9 thoughts on “Lucian Freud: dogged portraitist”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. I found my way here through Moira from Dog Art Today. “Humanity”, is the word that lingered around in my head after seeing an exhibition of Freud’s work a few years ago. Utterly impressed and deeply moved by some paintings, I found his work profoundly human. I felt I could embrace mankind like it is. Such power!

  2. And he and my big brother, Pete, were my introduction to culture. Pete (introduced at 13 to art via Toccy Tech and Liverpool Art College classes) took me down town (No 10 bus from the Eagle and Child) to the Walker (on a promise of beans on toast) to see
    I was 9, Pete was 16. It stays with me to this day. A cherished memory. A favourite painting by a favourite painter. Thanks, Gerry.

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