Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’

10 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’”

  1. I am most impressed by Leonard Cohen
    I love part of the poem Ring the bells that still can ring
    forget your perfect offering
    everything has a crack in it
    that is how the light gets in.
    I am 70 plus and have written a poetry book and would love to start the first page of my book with Leonard Cohen’s ring the bells, of course with Leonard Cohen’s name below the poem. I believe there are four lines
    I am asking permission now to use those lines.
    Thank you,
    Frances L.O’Donnell
    My email address

  2. I’m really unsure about the National Trust parody plagiarism in their latest tv ad which uses Anthem to promote tourism by showing a coastline and ‘singing’ that’s where the time comes in – or something like that. I thought there was some kind of law against it and ‘parody’ was supposed to be funny as decided by a judge. As if a judge is likely to laugh much. I even looked for some kind of acknowledgement for Leonard bu didn’t see one.
    Am I the only one to make the link between this ad’ and Anthem?
    What do others think?

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