Re-reading Dickens: The Pickwick Papers

3 thoughts on “Re-reading Dickens: The Pickwick Papers”

  1. You know, I think it is quite common for people to laugh out loud while reading Pickwick. Eric Morecambe regarded it as the funniest book in the world, and he took it with him whenever he travelled, reading it in train carriages, and he still found it funny after many re-reads.

    You might be interested in my forthcoming novel Death and Mr Pickwick, which will be published by Jonathan Cape of the Random House Group on 21st May. My novel tells the backstory of Pickwick, and Robert Seymour is the main character. You can find out more at:

    I have also set up a facebook page for the novel, where I post bits and pieces of Pickwickiana on a daily basis:

    Incidentally, when I came to your website, I saw your recent post about Bob Dylan. A line from Dylan’s song Not Dark Yet is quoted at the start of Death and Mr Pickwick – a few years ago, I heard Dylan reading from The Pickwick Papers on his radio show, and I approached his management company for permission to use the lyric, and to my delight permission was granted! Indeed part of the novel is set in modern times, and I refer to various pop and rock songs to help give a sense of modernity, and one song is A Hard Rain’s A-gonna Fall.

    Best wishes

    Stephen Jarvis

    1. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Stephen. The book sounds fascinating – I shall certainly read it. Reading your intriguing account of how the ideas for your novel emerged, it seemed that you had ‘been down on the bottom of a world full of lies’!

      I heard all of the Theme Time Radio episodes, but I must admit that I have no recollection of Dylan reading from Pickwick. I’m trying to think what the context would have been.

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