Jah Wobble and the Modern Jazz Ensemble

4 thoughts on “Jah Wobble and the Modern Jazz Ensemble”

  1. Sorry Gerry, but this has nothing to do with Jah Wobble, but I simply did not know where to leave this comment/information, so I figured the last one was best! Briefly, Joseph Campbell…who he?….many would say…..well I’ve known of him since Bill Moyers interviewed him in 1987, shortly before Campbells death. There is a film, a copy of which I now have (USA format only) which is on You Tube, 1 hr 20 min long called ‘Finding Joe’, which to me is beautiful, amazing and thought-provoking and just so all-embracing in its philosophy and compassion of the understanding of the journey we make, or may not make in life. Here is the link, I think it may resonate with you Gerry. I hope so. (You may want to delete this after you have read it, so not to spoil the comment run)

    Thanks, Les.

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