On Offa’s Dyke: ‘the landscape flowed away, back to its source’

54 thoughts on “On Offa’s Dyke: ‘the landscape flowed away, back to its source’”

  1. I remember from when I was a student at Liverpool University (hundreds of years ago) that on a clear day, standing outside the Victoria Building at the top of Brownlow Hill, you could see Moel Famau. And there certainly were days when the call of the Clwydian Hills was stronger that that of the lecture hall. Thanks for this posting – it’s been too long since I trod those paths

    1. Indeed, there are many places in Liverpool where Moel Famau and the rest of the Clwydians can be seen. It always makes me realise how lucky we are in Liverpool, with great country in three directions, and river and sea in the fourth. I too was at Liverpool uni hundreds of years ago (67-70, to be precise).

      1. 68-71 was my time … remembering the ‘Hot Snack’ place in the old union which some anagram spotter had rechristened Snot Shack. Good juke box and the kind of food now condemned by the nutrition police as unfit for student consumption – lovely, at the time.

  2. I entirely echo dianajhale. I always look forward to seeing your stunning photos, and observations. Art, music, landscape, literature and poetry… Wonderful and beautifully put together. Yours is the best blog I have stumbled across, Thank you.

    1. Thanks to you both, Diana and Gilly, for your lovely comments. What with being Freshly Pressed and praise like that I’m gonna have to find a bigger hat for my head!

    1. Hi Andreas, thanks for reading. I’ve read your account of the Hadrian’s Wall walk. Your description of the tough terrain, camping out in cold and wild conditions, and the weariness reminded me of some of Robert Macfarlane’s descriptions of his walks and of the wild places where he slept (in The Wild Places & The Old Ways).

  3. Listen, I love cities more than I love anything else, nevertheless I have to say: your piece is magnificent. OK, I am drunk right now. (It was a tough morning.) But, as a kid, I loved the Moors and Dales of Yorkshire. so… ya know… Great work, our kid…

  4. Wow, great history lesson, I didn’t realise hill-forts could be so expansive, fantastic and humbling to think how much has gone before us already…and what has humankind learned do far….great post…

  5. Ahhhh home. I have just been writing about my new home in British Columbia and all of its wonders, so it is nice to be reminded of the beauty of my birth place, Wales. Thank you.

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