A Lowry Summer in an autumn deluge

3 thoughts on “A Lowry Summer in an autumn deluge”

  1. This report is a little dour based on some of the so called specialists views above.

    Lowry was a great artist who not only captured a whole period of British history on canvas (unlike others) but also portrayed brilliance in capturing amongst others happy scenes such as ‘Daisynook Fair’, ‘The Girls’, ‘Going to the Match’, ‘The Playground’, ‘The Fair at Blackpool pleasure beach’, or ‘Beswick fair’. Hardly dour examples of his work!

    To write negatively about his style is very wrong and also insulting….he was and still is an immensely popular artist..

    Why are his paintings so liked or his style so loved?

    Why do people know the name L.S.Lowry?

    The answer is simple’, because people like his style of painting! His paintings are appealing, they inspire children and adults to take up painting, much more so than Turner or Constable ever did because Lowrys’ paintings are achievable.

    Lowry turned down three knighthoods during his lifetime and also got to number One in the charts after Brian and Michael sang about him….not bad for a painter who has been torn to pieces above!!

    People love Lowrys’ work for a multitude of reasons and long may continue, he is one of the UK’s greatest artists and belongs up there with our other greats!

    I rest my case and hope those critics read my post….


  2. I’m sorry you found my report unfair – I thought I had balanced criticism of his late caricatures with a positive view of other aspects of his work, much of which I really admire. You say, ‘to write negatively about his style is very wrong and also insulting’ – but all art should be open to assessment and criticism. Lowry IS a very popular artist, though not a great one – but many of his paintings are great, and many are historically and socially significant.

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