Stockport: the past in the present

17 thoughts on “Stockport: the past in the present”

  1. Very much enjoyed this post on Stockport – my family comes from the Wirral and Congleton so we are now all reading your blog even though we are scattered over the world. Many Thanks.

  2. I’m pleased that northern exiles find something worthwhile in these ramblings! More to come as I make my way down the Mersey. Thanks for reading, Pam.

  3. I enjoyed this topic about Stockport as it’s my town. It’s interesting to make something of places you go past on an everyday basis.

    I recognised where you took the images from. However where did you take the viaduct picture from? I usually see it from the A6, with the bus station in front.

    1. The photo (which is a Wikimedia Commons image, not mine – though all the rest of the photos are) is taken from the Trans-Pennine Trail path on the north bank of the Mersey just below the King Street bridge which is in the foreground. Thanks for reading.

  4. Excellent topic, photos and articles. In 2002 I recorded a five minute radio news report on Stockport Market and it being the first market in the United Kingdom to use the Euro. I want to upload the documentary to Youtube and so I need an accompanying photograph of the market to illustrate it. I was wondering if you I could have your permission to use the photograph at the top of your article. I will of course give you full credit. Many thanks in advance. William

  5. I very much enjoyed reading this post and hear that others have the same view as me about the river that runs through Stockport. I sadly think that many people don’t even realise that there is a river running under the shopping center. I have always thought it such a shame that the river isn’t made a feature of, after all it has served Stockport industry for centurites!

  6. Hi Gerry!
    I really do enjoy reading your posts regarding Stockport. I am an architecture student at Manchester Uni and currently working on a project about Stockport. My agenda is to build a Green School-cum-Refuge Centre nearby the Lancashire Hill road and the confluence. I am also planning to restore the rivers give new life to it and make it a valuable asset (just like the one in Seoul
    Would love to meet you in person

    1. Thanks, banberiberi, I’m very grateful. I think your idea is a great one – I looked at the Seoul example, and if that sort of thing could be done in Stockport – opening up the stretch off the Mersey currently buried beneath Merseyway shopping precinct – it would be great. But I suspect it’d be a big ask!

  7. I Work at staircase house for heritage education and I really enjoyed reading your blog, I have lived here in Stockport all my life, my family came from Ireland like many others in the mid 19th c , regarding your views on opening up the river I agree wholeheartedly, what a beauty spot Stockport could be, imagine that! For you and your readers interest Stockport council website now have a picture archive which is very interesting, here’s the link.

    1. Thanks for writing, Sharon – I’m pleased you appreciated the post. And thanks for the link – lots of interesting photos for old Stockportians to browse!

  8. What a wonderfully detailed piece of writing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It just shows how much we would love to have our river and the linear walk,

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