The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth

14 thoughts on “The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth”

  1. ive lived in liverpool all my life and often wondered what lay behind the walls of of the ancient chaple of toxteth,as the building is seldom open to the public,so it was nice to see pictures taken on the inside,and also showing some of the grounds at the rear,i would love to visit the chaple it looks really interesting.

  2. Thanks for the link to your blog post, Adam. For a first-time visitor to Liverpool, and in three days, I am truly impressed by the ground you managed to cover and the variety of aspects of the city that you discovered. There’s a lot more, too – so do come back. For sound recommendations of what to see and where to eat and drink take a look at Liverpool Underlined:

  3. Lovely images – do you know of there is anywhere to park nearby? We’ve made an appointment to visit, but forgot to ask about parking!

    1. Thanks for your comment – I appreciate that! There are parking bays which usually have spaces on Dingle Lane, just opposite the chapel. Or, a short walk away up Park Road, there’s the Tesco superstore car park. Check out other local streets on Google street view.

  4. Hi I would love to go in and see the ancient chapel of toxteth, I have live in Liverpool all my life and my great great grandfather was from this area, I only live round the corner and I have always felt drawn to the chapel can you please email me on the days it is open, I am also in the middle of our family tree so this would be a lovely experience Thankyou so much. Yours Gillian.

    1. Hi Gillian! I’m not connected with the chapel so I’m not sure. When I pass during the week on my way to the allotment it’s usually locked up, but presumably opens on Sundays for worship. On the Internet there’s a phone number: 0151 263 4899. However, if you can wait until September, from 10-13 September is the Heritage Open Days when it is usually open to the public. That’s how I got to see inside!

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