Hilbre sandstone: a memory buried in time

14 thoughts on “Hilbre sandstone: a memory buried in time”

  1. “Llangollen sisters take the air” & lament perhaps Brythonic phrase, & fancy Liverpudlian echoes something of that lost language where yet exists an isolated place name or two; just across the Dee you see, & the voiceless lateral fricative sound which so confounds the fine accented all the year round.

  2. A wonderful post I really enjoyed coming on the walk. I have never been there, it is really beautiful and your pictures are great. The Bobby Seal poem is very moving, thank you for the introduction.

  3. Lovely and informative Gerry. I agree with you about Middle Eye. In fact last time we walked this we didn’t even go on to Hilbre. It looked full and therefore not like you’re standing on the edge of the world.

  4. I was last on Hilbre a few years ago. I walked across with a friend who lives in Hoylake and my wife. She coming from Bavaria has little experience of expanses of sand and found the walk both fascinating and a little unnerving. When I was at school I spent a couple of days working on Hilbre as part of the Wirral Wasps Project (does that still exist). The Dee Estuary is such a wonderful place – in winter with the the mass of waders there, it has a very special draw!
    great post Gerry, thanks!

  5. A lovely account of this little trip. I remember walking out to Hilbre islands when I was a child but a miserable childhood made everything seem horrible. Thankyou for showing me how beautiful it really is…

  6. Thanks for reproducing my poem in your piece, Gerry. Hilbre is one of those places that seems to haunt one’s imagination and your pictures capture that atmosphere beautifully.

    1. I was pleased when I discovered your poem on the Internet, Bobby. I love the way that you intertwine personal memories with the geographical sense of the river making its way from source to sea. Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the photos.

  7. Hi Gerry I really loved this blog post. Hilbre Island is one of my most favourite places from Childhood and onwards. I worked for many years in London and thought about it a lot whilst I was there. We moved back here when I had my son, and now I get to walk there whenever I want, but now I really appreciate it’s beauty. I love to go and see the seals in the Summer. I am at the moment studying an MSc in Animation and we had to make a film about mobile technology. So I suddenly noticed I had a whole walk to Hilbre Island stored on my phone from all different times of the year! I am not a photographer and I always forget my camera, so the photos I have of the walk probably would not have existed without it! So I wrote my blog post about this, however after I made this film I decided I would love to make a second film including others photos so I have an even more complete walk, with the seasons constantly changing and from other peoples perspectives as well. This isn’t part of my course it’s just something I want to do because I would like a celebration of the Hilbre Island Walk. I saw your blog and photos and would love it if I could use some of your photos? I will credit anyone’s photos I put into my film. But please don’t worry if you don’t want to participate, I just thought I would ask, and I will still think your blog post is great! If you would like to chat about it please let me know I will send you my email.

      1. Hi Gerry

        Many thanks that is brilliant and very kind! I will send you a link when it’s finished, just gathering photos together at the moment! Am gathering a mixture of scenery and photos with people to get the full experience in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

        Thanks ever so much for you help
        Kirsty (Carloscrabtastic, my blog has a very silly name)!

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