Chance encounters with Turner in Yorkshire

5 thoughts on “Chance encounters with Turner in Yorkshire”

  1. Hi, the Wharfe runs just a few miles from where we live. It is a beautiful area, a mixture of settlements and almost-wilderness. Turner really was a genius;, before his time in many ways. Thanks for a great post, Andy.

  2. Never been a big fan of Turner although I do prefer his early work (ditto Picasso!). That first painting of the fisherman reminds me so of my long-dead father who fished the Cothi in Wales and the Wye near Symonds Yat. I still miss him enormously. Funny how little things can tug the heartstrings…

  3. Beautiful post. This is an area new to me but not Turner. I camped at Hardraw Falls earlier this year and had no idea this was Turner country! Wonderful writing and pictures, thank you.

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