John Akomfrah’s The Unfinished Conversation

9 thoughts on “John Akomfrah’s The Unfinished Conversation”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation Gerry. I’ve just been to see this this afternoon and was impressed and moved. I’ve never much liked the big multi-screen method (reminding me uncomfortably of the Woodstock film) but here it worked very well. So as the early Empire Windrush arrivals are being fleeced for rent by London slum landlords, we see war in Korea and Be Bop in the States happening at the same time. And the linking thread of Stuart Hall, sometimes part of the story, sometimes commenting ‘live’ – sometimes looking back.

    I can understand why you kept going back. I watched it twice and was surprised how much more I saw the second time through.

    And at no point did I feel I was in any kind of ‘art installation.’ This was only the second Biennial event I’ve been to. The other one, the Anfield Home Tour was similarly about social change and injustice and devoid of ‘the hermetic, jargon-laden language’ that often makes art so hard to approach.

  2. You know, Ronnie, I’ve recommended this to three or four friends this last week saying you must see it before it finishes on Sunday, and you’re now the third who’s come back thanking me for recommending it. Did I mention in the post that Akomfrah is working on a single-screen version? Hopefully we’ll see it on BBC TV sometime. I meant to check out the Anfield Home Tour, but time ran out unfortunately. I’ll have to make do with your excellent account of it. ( Cheers, Gerry.

    1. I wondered about the BBC being one of the film’s producers and why. Thought they might be coming round to everyone’s house with two extra TVs for the broadcast. Can’t help feel it might make it a dizzyingly fast edit to cover so much on one screen. But the film does deserve to get out of the art-houses.

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