A Single Swallow

4 thoughts on “A Single Swallow”

    1. Cheers, Martin. Taking a peek at your blog, I enjoyed reading about your canal walk from London to Brum. Did something similar myself with the Leeds- Liverpool canal (link at top of home page). Good luck with the rest of the walk!

  1. Lovely end of summer post – I always feel regret when the swallows leave, but even more so the swifts who are here even less time! I haven’t read that book by Horatio Clare but I saw him earlier in the year at the Laugharne Weekend reading from and talking about his rewriting of a Mabinogion tale. He was excellent then and gets a brief mention in my post http://dianajhale.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/with-apologies-to-dylan-thomas-seeing-stars-by-the-heron-priested-shore/

    1. Thanks, Diana. Horatio Clare was a new name to me; I must take a look at his other books. I understand two of them are personal ,memoirs: Have you read either of those?

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