Holland Park’s Kyoto garden in the snow

5 thoughts on “Holland Park’s Kyoto garden in the snow”

  1. I will hunt out this hidden garden when I am next in London along with the Roof Garden restaurant off Kensington High st which has never been open to public when I was there. Did you see the wonderful Tony Cragg sculptures in Exhibition rd and in the museums? You have inspired me to do my next blog on Tony tomorrow.
    Thanks from Jean

  2. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed Holland Park and the japanese garden. Holland House was central to the activities of the Pre-Raphaelites and the painter G F Watts who lived there as a guest for some time.

    For anyone visiting the Park, it is also well worth while visiting Leighton House on the south side. It has superb Islamic styled rooms tiled with Isnik ceramics. There is also an excellent collection of William De Morgan pottery as well as paintings by Leighton and contemporaries. Leighton was, and still is, the only painter ever to have been granted a peerage. Not bad for a lad from Scarborough.

    Thans for an interesting blog Gerry.

  3. It’s very good to see this. I don’t get out enough. This is just up the road but I hardly ever visit. I really ought to. And you should have called in at The Rowley Gallery to say hello. Thanks for another fine post.

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