The Meaning of Trees

8 thoughts on “The Meaning of Trees”

  1. Thanks so much for this lovely post. It is so well-informed and interesting.
    We were in Paris a couple of weeks ago. An hour in front of the Monets in the Orangerie – what an incredible treat. We walked round the oval rooms quite close to the canvasses really slowly focusing on experiencing the paintings in time – it was dreamlike. And the willow parts are only in a few of the canvasses and are more precious and special because of that. The whole set makes you realise what a lot of planning Monet had done to achieve those incredible effects. Impressionism always gives the idea of something spontaneous. But actually many impressionists are highly intellectualising.

  2. Oh Gerry this is so good – worthy of publication! I somehow completely missed that series so will look on I Player. You do things in such depth that you are an example to us all!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Diana. Next time one of these series is coming up I’ll try to remember to tweet it in advance – then you can listen! (I don’t know why they don’t leave Essay series on iPlayer permanently.)

  3. The red fruits of the yew are edible but the kernel of the fruit is poisonous. I tried it many times. It takes some careful handling and it’s a funny experience, like risking your life a bit. The taste is strangely sweet.

  4. Hi Gerry

    Wonderful post. I completely missed series 1 (and a couple of series 2) of “The meaning of trees”, and the links on the BBC website have sadly expired. This is especially annoying since the trees featured are some of my favourites! I asked the BBC but they basically gave me a message of “tough luck, you were too late and they aren’t being repeated.”

    Do you have them saved as MP3’s, by any chance? I’ve been looking everywhere!

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