The dream is over: what kind of Europe is this?

6 thoughts on “The dream is over: what kind of Europe is this?”

  1. Has Europe has run out of steam, intellectually and economically, you can’t conjure material wealth from a vacuum? At times of such political paralysis & economic stasis the establishment reaction could be to look to global conflict to deflect attention from the possibility that political leadership is in fact directionless. In that case we may already be living the Orwellian nightmare without actually being fully aware of it yet?

  2. A good analysis of the position with some revealing quotes. Thanks! As a committed socialist living in Italy I’m appalled by what I’m seeing around me. Rather pessimistic about the immediate future too. I can’t see anyone who has the political balls to do anything about it.

  3. Thanks for this, insightful. What a mess we have ALL created. As is almost always the case when we face a tradegy like this, there are many causes and in some senses we are all to blame. I read today that the Greek people had suffered a 40% dfrop in income in 5 years. Though many there must accept a share of the blame,a further reduction is surely untenable.
    European Union is a failed concept, We are not really Europeans, we are individual cultures on the same continent. It is desperately sad to see what has happened in a wonderful country.

  4. I visited Athens on the eve of the euro conversion. I still have some drachmas as memento of the trip. Greece was like a normal country just over a decade ago, now all hell has broken loose. Something is wrong somewhere.

  5. Spent the last week of February in Spain. There is a man on hunger strike right at the centre of the brand new and ultra modern Malaga Airport. He cannot get a job.
    At the Union offices just across the road into Gibraltar are banners claimimng that there are people who have not been paid by the Government for five months. It felt faintly uncomfortable to be a tourist in such circumstances, and yet one hopes many more people will visit in order to help.

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