The love you lost with her skin so fair
Is free with the wind in her butterscotch hair
Her green eyes blew goodbyes
With her head in her hands
and your kiss on the lips of another
Dream Brother with your tears scattered round the world.

Jeff Buckley, recorded live at the Bataclan, Paris, February 11, 1995

I posted this as a response to reading of the horrific scenes at The Bataclan on Friday night because as soon as I heard of the terrorist attack there I remembered that in my music collection I have an EP of tracks recorded there on 11 February 1995 during a stunning performance by Jeff Buckley acclaimed by a rapturous audience. It’s always had a special meaning for me because I saw him perform a very similar set at the Luxor in Cologne just over a week later, on 20 February 1995.

Now I discover that Aaron Goldstein has posted a similar response to mine on The American Spectator Spectacle blog. This is what he wrote:

The Bataclan will now be forever known as the focal point of the worst terrorist attack in French history.

Prior to tonight, however, The Bataclan was a world renowned concert venue. Although it is a small venue holding approximately 800 people, it has long attracted the creme de la creme of musicians.

Now I’ve never been to The Bataclan, but I do have a sense of the atmosphere as demonstrated by the late Jeff Buckley who performed there in February 1995. This concert has been bootlegged ever since and for good reason.

Have a listen to Buckley’s rendition of Edith Piaf’s “Je n’en connais pas la fin”. After Buckley sings in French, the audience erupts into applause so loud you would think there were 80,000 people in attendance instead of 800.

While The Bataclan must be remembered for the evil that took place there tonight, it must also be remembered as a place of joy.

Jeff Buckley Bataclan

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