When you need bookbook support

Bookbook support

Medieval bookbook support

Ikea’s new advertising campaign is a hoot, mocking Apple and our obsession with the latest gadget and all its conveniences.  The Ikea bookbook has no cables, its battery life is eternal, an expandable interface, and a navigation based on ‘tactile touch technology’. Content is pre-installed!  To start browsing, ‘simply touch and go – right to left to move forwards, left to right to move back’. And no lag! Each ‘crystal -clear page’ loads instantaneously!

But what this reminded me of were the days when when, for my pains, I was responsible for IT staff development at the college where I worked.  In the first few years of the millennium there were many teachers who were – sometimes rightly – suspicious of the college management’s hesitant and often clumsy moves toward Information Learning Technology, and the messianic tone that usually accompanied such moves.  To lighten the mood, I would sometimes use a Norwegian video clip I’d found on the Internet in which a sceptical monk calls the medieval helpdesk for assistance with his new-fangled ‘book’. ‘Have you tried to open it?’ asks the support worker.  ‘Open it! If it was that simple, I wouldn’t have called the helpdesk!’ responds the frustrated monk.

Still brings tears to my eyes!

6 thoughts on “When you need bookbook support

  1. Thanks as ever for another brilliant post, Gerry. And, believe it or not, as the person responsible for http://repository.alt.ac.uk/343/, I and the team used that wonderful Norwegian video. Luckily, decades before I ever heard of ‘information/learning technology’, I was involved in ‘educational technology’ which simply tried to put students at the heart of the education world. Hence the great publications from the Further Education Unit http://technicaleducationmatters.org/2014/03/16/the-further-education-unit-feu/

    1. Ah! those memory-inducing acronyms – FEU, LSDA, QUILT. And Danny Atwere – I wonder where that lovely man is now, and how he is doing?

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