Kyffin Williams in Venice: drawn to the light

5 thoughts on “Kyffin Williams in Venice: drawn to the light”

  1. Dear Gerry,
    This is a superb article and an eye-opener. I had never seen Kyffin-Wiliams’s magnificent Venetian paintings before reading your blog. I am a great admirer of K-W’s works, have visited Oriel Ynys Môn once, and was briefly taught by the artist.

    I was at Highgate School when K-W taught art there. I remember attending a lecture he gave to the school in the late 1960s just after he had returned from visiting Patagonia and what remained of its Welsh colonists.

    Thanks for bringing these delightful and highly evocative pictures of Venice by K-W to my notice.

    Adam ( adamandlopa AT )

  2. Thanks, Adam, for your kind comments and your personal memories of Kyffin. You’ve reminded me that I wrote about the exhibition of his Patagonia paintings when we saw it at Oriel Ynys Môn in 2011:

    I’ll add a link to the post, too. Thanks for reading (and re-tweeting).

  3. Thanks. Yes, lovely gallery stuffed with astonishing work. And a good caff and great view! Earlier in the summer we saw an open air production of the Mikado in the adjacent amphitheatre which was great fun.

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