The Edgelands: a zone of wild, mysterious beauty

10 thoughts on “The Edgelands: a zone of wild, mysterious beauty”

  1. Nick, many thanks for your generous comment about the post, and apologies for mistaking your identity! I’ve amended the reference to your blog in the links so that you are properly attributed.

  2. Wonderful collection of images and thoughts augmenting a book I greatly enjoyed. There are several things for me to follow up on here Gerry. I love Shaun Morris’s work.

    1. Thanks, Diana. I only discovered Shaun Morris googling ‘edgelands’. Quite a few of his blog posts are concerned with the subject.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read this, Shaun. Your ‘Nocturne’ and Laura Gale’s photos added considerable atmosphere – I really like them!

  3. Thanks for the mention Gerry and congratulations on an excellent post. I’ll be coming back to read some more. I wasn’t all that convinced by the Farley/Simmonds book, although I did enjoy it. In my interpretation (of Marion Shoard’s description), the edgelands are “nothing” in between spaces, degraded rural or wild urban, but not power stations, sewage works or pieces of specific infrastructure. Doesn’t really matter though, they are all evocative places. This is the landcape of today, that most people live with but barely notice.

  4. Thank you, Andrew. I suppose the thing about power stations, sewage works, etc is that somewhere in the book Farley & Symmonds make the point that these things have usually been located in the edgelands where they are less likely to be noticed or objected to (I think there might be a class issue there!).

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