Thatcher? Tramp the dirt down.

10 thoughts on “Thatcher? Tramp the dirt down.”

  1. No disagreement. However, see this initiative, which is all about being the society that she said didn’t exist. I won’t mourn her but neither can I celebrate her death – it changes nothing, after all, it’s not as if it frees us from the legacy, as you’ve illustrated.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of Donthatedonate – ‘We just want to place front and centre people who had no place in the Thatcherite worldview. And we want to do that in a way that can actually do some good. You can help us by donating to the excellent charities we have chosen to represent a fraction of them – the homeless, miners’ families, gay teenagers, Hillsborough survivors and South African victims of the Apartheid regime. ‘ (a roll call that is an acute reminder of why the news of her death has produced reactions as divided as the country was when she was PM) but we need the politics to reverse all this and advance to something better. Which is, I suppose, what Ken Loach argues in his film Spirit of ’45 (

  2. Gerry, i respect your view but PRE thatcher was terrible too.
    I remember the Power Strikes that did not affect the wealthy, because those people had the money for candles and could safely carry them up and down stairs. It was always the poor, the weak, and the elderly that were most damaged by strike battered Britain.
    The bus strike in Leeds ( nine weeks) did not affect wealthy car owners, but the poor the weak and the elderly who struggled to get to the doctor or to out patients.
    The lorry drivers who dragged our employee from his cab and threatened him with Pick Axe Handles if he crossed then line, even though our company had four vehicles and could not afford to lose business in the same way the large employers could.
    The refuse strike (5 weeks?)( that did not affect car owners who could drive to a tip, but worried the weak and the elderly and poor because they couldnt move their rubbish. I for one hated being help to ransom inn this way and was glad someone broke the mold.
    There was a disaster happening before she arrived, and she was voted in three times because people saw the desperate state of a Union dominated country, with shameful leaders such as Benn and Foot.
    I cannot agree with everything she did, she went to far often; nonetheless, we were heading over an abyss anyway, and that is all too easily forgotten.
    Her legacy will be divisive, and I guess thats living in a democracy. WE all have our view.
    Thanks for the post, keep them coming, Andy.

  3. I have noticed that each department of the Civil Service now has its own jolly little logo and they are all different. This is obviously in preparation for the Civil Service to be privatised and split up or privatised en masse and sold off to Crapita, and gould above only knows who will end up owning Crapita, on the open market that will have to be the highest bidder so look around the world for the richest people. The People’s Republic of China – lovely people, hateful regime – currently own the water I drink here in south London, that will give you some idea of what is going on, the shape of things to come. It’s all about money now you see, profit, forget everything else, forget national health, forget religion, forget morals, forget ethics, forget charity, forget compassion, forget humanity, forget your soul, c’mon, you’re being regressive, look to the future, be progressive, sign up to Baroness Thatcher’s philiosophoy which was Milton Friedman, that’s the only idea she had in her limited mind – and that was bussed in for her by her philosophically bankrupt minions

    1. I was astonished at the extent of the public services now outsourced to Capita (I don’t read Private Eye very often). There’s a lot that slips under the radar of the daily news.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever read such arrant nonsense in my long life. And I’m an ex-miner too. Fortunately the majority will see it for what it is. It is unworthy of any further comment.,

    1. Well I suppose a Thatcherite miner is a warning to avoid easy generalizations or stereotypes.But that woman saw the miners as ‘the enemy within’ and did them down along with anyone else who was ‘not one of us’.

    2. If it’s unworthy of further comment why did you comment then.? Saying someone’s opinion is unworthy of further comment is a very Thatcherite thing to say. Also purporting to speak for the majority is very arrogant. Why does being an ex-miner add to your credentials. Many miners in the midlands helped break the strike.

  5. Personally I find any reminder of Thatcher, what she stood for and what she did utterly odious, I lived through the Brixton Riots, it was a terrifying time, A ray of light might be the retrospection caused by Thatcher’s demise – all that she promised her Firedman economics would do for us. ‘our medicine’, and look where it led to – it led directly to the banking crisis and the ruin of so many innocent people’s lives – and the lack of decent housing continues, sparked by Thatcher selling off council homes without building new ones – a deliberate move I believe – and letting those still owned by councils to slide into disrepair through lack of funding. It’s about time a lot of people wiped the rose tint from their eyes and took a good, long hard look at what is happening all around them, and that I hope may lead to change, and I believe it can only be a change for the better: can it get much worse? If they wickedly succeed in privatising the NHS then the answer might sadly be ‘yes’.

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