‘Gale-battered, winter-worn’

4 thoughts on “‘Gale-battered, winter-worn’”

  1. I’m not much into poetry, but I’ve been dithering about buying ‘The Overhaul’ on the strength of Kathleen Jamie’s two magnificent non-fiction books, ‘Findings’ and ‘Sightlines’. This post has convinced me to take the plunge, thanks.

    1. I’ve just read my way through Kathleen Jamie – Findings, Sightlines and Among Muslims, as well as The Overhaul. Love them all, and about to write about them here. Thanks, Richard.

  2. Lucky you – I will still have to wait a few weeks for my snowdrops to emerge.

    ps: Looking forward to reading more about Jamie, I really like her work too.

  3. Lovely to see – our snowdrops have just emerged! I’ve read Sightlines recently (I meant to write about it too!) but not yet the poems. Must get hold of The Overhaul.

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