John Soane’s Museum: a cornucopia of curiosities

5 thoughts on “John Soane’s Museum: a cornucopia of curiosities”

  1. Your post reminded me of what an extraordinary and marvellous place the museum is. I hope the attendants didn’t spoil your visit. They are always the same and only trying to protect their unique domain from the depredations of time and London grime. To compensate for the pavement wait, they are, in my experience, unfailingly friendly, as are the knowledgeable gallery guides.

    When we visited, the Grayson Perry modern Rake’s Progress tapestries were on show at Victoria Miro and it was great to be able to see both the Hogarth’s and the Perry’s on the same day. Sadly I don’t think the tapestries are currently on show, but anyone interested can find them on Victoria Miro’s website. They’re worth a post in their own right,

    You blog is a pleasure to read, thanks.

    (Hope you don’t mind these discursive comments!)

    1. Thanks your kind and generous remarks – and I don’t mind, welcome in fact, discursive comments. I admit to getting in a grump about having to wait while the attendants searched for salt! I would have loved to have seen the Grayson Perry’s in the flesh, so to speak – but I didn’t know you could see them online, so thanks for that!

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