Constable’s oil sketches: atmosphere and light

9 thoughts on “Constable’s oil sketches: atmosphere and light”

  1. Wonderful, thanks for this and for info I had not read before. He really was a gifted man , and it is such a pity he is remembered in such a limited and simplistic way.
    We English seem to have an innate ability to belittle some of our greatest artists.
    revisionist histories are so easy to use something we want to discredit.
    I love the picture of Brighton Beach and the tree trunks too.
    Lovely post and great pictures, thank you.

  2. I like the absence of the usual formal, gilded frames as the torn edges take you further into the picture than the confines of a picture frame. It seems to liberate them.

  3. Reblogged this on Etherial Glue and commented:
    I am researching Constable as I am intensley interested in his ability to capture meteorological events. I came across this excellent blog which concentrates on atmospher and light, the most important elements within my own work.

  4. Hi Gerry, I really enjoyed reading this informative post. It has been of great help to my research of Constable and in particular his interest in capturing fleeting mereorological events. I was pleased to be able to reblog. Thank you Annemarie

    1. Thanks,Anne-Marie.Glad you found the post helpful and interesting.Close-up at the V&A these sketches take you well beyond the chocolate box image of Constable to understand an artist concerned to truthfully represent natural forms and forces

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