A madeleine for you: Are you sitting comfortably?

5 thoughts on “A madeleine for you: Are you sitting comfortably?”

  1. I think that this brings back happy memories for all of our generation but I am happy to recall that unlike the boy in the Radio Times illustration I was not required to dress in suit and tie to listen to the wireless. I doubt if any child was ever required to be so formally attired when at home but in those days the Corporation and the Radio Times liked to confer a sense of decorum.
    I certainly remember 6 February 1952 when Listen With Mother was not broadcast, as the King had died. All entertainment programmes were cancelled and suitably solemn music played instead . Until that day I hadn’t realised that we had a king, although most children’s stories seemed to revolve around kings, queens & princesses. I was, of course less politically astute as a three year old than I am now. 

  2. I had a madeleine moment when I read that obituary in the Guardian too! I think I tweeted it. It certainly seems like another lifetime and another world now though. How about Watch With Mother next?

  3. As I listened to the Fauré piano piece, tears came to my eyes – the music arrived from so long ago – the period before starting school, at home with mother – who was young – the programme, well-meaning, hopeful.

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