Nothing has happend worth particular notice

Sir Walter Scott

On 1 January 1829 Sir Walter Scott wrote these words in his diary, foreshadowing exactly the anxieties of the 21st century blogger :

Having omitted to carry on my diary for two or three days, I lost heart to make it up, and left it unfilld for many a month and day. During this period nothing has happend worth particular notice.The same occupations, the same amusements, the same occasional alterations of spirits, gay or depressd, the same absence of all sensible or rational cause for the one or the other – I  half grieve to take up my pen, and doubt if it is worth while to record such an infinite quantity of nothing. But hang it! I hate to be beat so here goes for better behaviour.

Here’s to a better behaved 2013!


7 thoughts on “Nothing has happend worth particular notice

  1. Wonderful! I was reminded a couple days ago of the small Letts diaries I used to have as a youngster – the ones with the tiny pencil and all the random useful and useless information such as lists of Gentlemen’s clubs in London, hat and glove sizes and a map of the London Underground!

    With all this brought to mind, I couldn’t resist buying a similar diary yesterday in the Staples sale. It has lots of the same type of useful and useless info – apart from the list of Gentlemen’s clubs – and I shall do with it as I did with the diaries I had before: fill it in for a few days and then get bored with nothing happening of particular notice. Bad behaviour then, bad behaviour now! At least there’s consistency.

  2. But wasn’t Sir Walter Scott really boring?! Maybe it was a good thing he left some blank pages…cheeky I know :)

    Anyway, you’re really interesting and you post way more than I can keep up with so don’t be too hard on yourself!

    I have put you on my Cowgirl Blog List No. 1, posted today.

    1. So boring I haven’t read a word of him. All a matter of taste, I suppose. I’m deeply grateful for your kind remarks and the shoutout on your blog – some interesting links there that I must check out.

  3. Hi Gerry, I look after the Public Rights of Way for Halton Borough Council and am currently in the midst of an improvement programme on the waterfront between Dungeon Lane and toward Oglet etc. I have shared a link to one of your posts on our new Halton Public Rights of Way facebook page page. Thought I’d bring it to your attention so you may perhaps follow our progress. Its a big job and can only be done by degrees. Others have tried and failed but I have to stop the rot before i can shine it up. Feel free to have a look feedback is always welcome.

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