Hope in the Dark

7 thoughts on “Hope in the Dark”

  1. This is a tough but encouraging state of the earth post Gerry. I like the stuff about how we don’t get immediate returns on our protests and activism. But over time we do get some good changes to happen.

    And I also agree with the necessity of ‘taking pleasure in the route.’ As far as we know we’re all living the only lifetime we’re going to get, so I’ll continue writing down my quiet words of opposition to being owned and controlled, whilst at the same time photographing and publishing every ‘fragment of paradise’ I see along the way.

    And I’ll carry on reading every word you write. Happy 2013.

  2. This is truly an inspiring note to end 2012. As regards progress yet to be made it is helpful to remember the sayings “It is better to try and fail than not to try at all”, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” and as Martin Luther King said in A Testament of Hope “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    I shall also carry on reading every word you write. Happy 2013.

  3. thank you for this. It’s easy to lose track of the victories we’ve achieved over the years. It’s easy to be/feel overwhelmed by the attempts to destroy our welfare state, and the environmental madness going on. But yes; we resist in our everyday lives, by not buying into the fear that multinationals and governments try to whip up in us; and by living as much as we can ‘a good life’ One where we do join up the dots, and live our lives anyway! As an ex-greenham woman, I remember, ‘we’re everywhere’. And there are many of us lighting candles in the dark. Happy 2013, and thank you for your connections. Best wishes, Jan

  4. Reading this from a warm early hours of the new year in Melbourne, having left the relentless rain of Britain two days ago, was the best way to fill my waking jet lagged night.
    2013 began eleven hours ahead of my fellow Brits but time zones and geography make no difference to our values and beliefs. The clarity and richness of your writing has been a joy to read last year Gerry, and I look forward to more this year.
    Thank you and Happy New Year..

  5. A good “perspective post”. Don´t give up because that´s what is wanted of you – the ridicule, the disdain are just the tactics used to make you loose the self-esteem.The Occupy Wall Street movement did have a substance, despite the propaganda to the contrary. It was when this agenda started to become clear and to generate paths that the Obama government cracked down on it.

  6. You missed off a few other “darks”.

    Globalistion of Trade and Commodity prices subject to the whims of money men and bankers, never mind if their actions bring about not only job losses but the eradication of long standing family businesses as well as large employers.

    Increasing taxation burden inc ridiculous green taxes which go straight into government coffers and are not spent on green issues – oh no the householders are expected to continue paying for those through their bills.

    Continuing immigration when there is no work for the indiginous population and it puts a huge burden on schools and hospitals.

    We need a Boston Tea Party , a quiet and peaceful revolution if anything is going to change and we emerge from the dark into the light. Anyone voting for any of the three major parties is voting for the same old same old to continue, a change of colours, move the furniture around, then same old same old increasing taxation, spin and lies.

    Far too much money and power is concentrated in the hands of a very small minority and this lot can and will do anything to protect themselves .

    I hope for better things but I blame politicians inc local ones for many of the ills of our society. Until we tackle that thorny issue the dark will keep rolling…….

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