On the beach at Formby

8 thoughts on “On the beach at Formby”

  1. Beautiful Gerry. Made me wonder how long it’s been since we went there. Turned out to be Christmas Day 2008. Funny how life slips by.

    One thing though. How are you getting to Formby in 20 minutes from Liverpool?
    which bits of Bootle, Seaforth, Waterloo, Crosby and the Formby by pass are you leaping over in your hover-car?

  2. Time is a relative concept, Ronnie. Or as Dylan once said, ‘Time passes slowly when you’re lost in a dream’. My better, more grounded, half tells me it’s more like 35 minutes. But, I tell you, a Honda Jazz just flies.

  3. Beautiful photos, and I loved this line, especially: “…the wind whipped the waves into endless regiments of white horses.” It reminded me of a bit from the novel Jonathan Norrell & Mr. Strange, by Susanna Clark. All about magic in England during the Napoleonic wars. Do you know it? At one point a British ship goes aground in some shoals, and magician Jonathan Norrell creates horses from the sand in the shallows to pull the ship into deeper water. This post brought that image back to me.

  4. Still haven’t managed to get here on my renewed flying visitsto Southport, dependent on the needs of 3 year old twins (my step grandchildren) but it is certainly on my list along with Another Place and the red squirrels. I have the Jean Sprackland book unread as yet too but the R4 readings were very enjoyable. Funny how much is appearing about the area now! I wasn’t very aware of natural delights when I was a teenager.

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