Elbow live in Liverpool: Everyone’s here

14 thoughts on “Elbow live in Liverpool: Everyone’s here”

  1. Well, I feel as if I was there Gerry. Thank you for the detailed Garvey-ness and all round consciousness of life in the north.

    The only thing I dislike about Elbow being on tour is that Guy isn’t doing his BBC 6 Music programme on Sunday nights at the moment. Well maybe tonight we’ll just sit and ‘watch’ this post.

  2. The morning after the gig in Manchester and still feeling like we were invited personally to join Guy and the band in a big family get together. Thanks for helping me to relive the many moments – you are right, everything does seem a bit more sparkly today and that’s what music can do for us – maybe it is what we all need now that politics, the law and religion seem to have crumbled away

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely. “Cos holy cow, I love your eyes…”

    Thank you for this. Seeing Elbow live was like nothing I have experienced, except for Springsteen, and I think it is the same magic at work. Angie has it right: “everything does seem a bit more sparkly today and that’s what music can do for us”

    1. Funny, I was thinking of the Springsteen comparison – in terms not only of their ability to work a crowd, but of their sheer enjoyment of being with their audience and wanting to engage with us. It was magic.

      1. Following on from that …I’ve just read the feature on Springsteen in the current issue of Uncut in which Bruce is quoted as saying, ‘You’ve got to be an honest broker with your fans. They’re paying for something that can’t be bought – it can only be manifested, and shared.’

  4. I went to see U2 at Sheffield a couple of years ago, huge gig and Elbow were supporting them, with horns etc. and I had bought the latest album of theirs at the time and I am sad to say i never listened too much too it and their performance was lost a little in the enormity of the stadium, but then so was U2’s I felt. Its not so much a gig as an event, a gathering to worship almost, but I shall dig out that Elbow cd and load it on to my I Pod and you’re right Mr Garvey seems like a proper bloke! Still connected with his roots.
    Just a quick story that is tenuously related told by an audience member on Graham Norton last week if you did not hear it. Is it true? I don’t know, but its a great story.
    Towards the end of his show, Mr. Norton invites members of the audience into a room, one at a time, to then sit in a huge red armchair and they endeavor to entertain everyone with a short true personal experience that is usually funny, odd, poignant, but above all it must meet with the approval of Mr Norton and his invited guests and the studio audience. Failure to do so at any stage during the story results in Mr. Norton pulling a large lever, gleefully, which then tips the red armchair backwards, thereby upending the occupier unexpectedly, resulting in an amusing picture of that person with just their calves and feet stuck up in the air. Undignified perhaps, but very funny, as the participating member is never aware of the moment of assault.

    After an unsuccessful attempt to tell a story by one lady, the armchair was occupied by a young man who hailed from Dublin. He said that he was sat at a table in a restaurant in Dublin a few years ago with his then girlfriend when two guys walked into the dining area and sat down across the way from them.

    On closer inspection the guy said to his girlfriend, “I’m sure that’s Bono from U2 sitting over there with that other guy”. His girlfriend looked and agreed that it was.
    The two of them discussed the idea of going over and politely asking for autographs, photo’s perhaps and just to say hello but were wary of Bono’s privacy in a public place.
    Soon after, Bono got up to go to the toilet and the man saw his chance. He went over to the table and said to the other guy, “Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your meal, but I couldn’t help but notice that Bono is sitting here and I was wondering if it may be possible to get an autograph, or a photograph?”

    The man at the table said, “Well, Bono is a private guy, but when he comes back, I will ask him for you”.
    Bono returned, the two men chatted and then called the man and his girlfriend over where Bono generously gave them autographs etc., and all was fine and the couple were absolutely delighted.
    The two men finished their meal and left the restaurant.
    The guy and his girlfriend, feeling very pleased with what had occurred, finished their meal soon after and then asked the waiter for the bill.
    The waiter said, “Your bill has already been paid sir”.
    “Really”, said the man, astonished. “Who paid the bill?”
    “Mr. Springsteen paid it sir!”

    He said he could not believe what he had done. He had spoken to the “other man” without clocking that it was Bruce. Springsteen and Bono must have had a chuckle about it, but what an amazing gesture and reward for the politeness the couple showed, their bravery too as not everyone would have even dared to ask and what a memory to have.

    It just touches a little on some thoughts a man on the radio talked about this week. If I remember correctly, he was thinking about fortunate he was to have the intelligence he had and how he was able to show kindness to many people. Then he realised that really, his intelligence was a gift he was given, he had little choice in the matter, but that the kindness he shows and that anyone shows, well you have to make an effort at doing that, it means you ‘doing’ something rather than just being something.

    And I guess in that short story about Bono and Bruce, highly intelligent men though they are, its their kindness which stands out. Their humility too.

  5. I’m the guy with the tattoos girlfiriend haha, it was an amazing gig and Marc getting to hug and talk to guy Garvey made it even more special. Such a great man!

      1. I’m ‘that guy’ and I’m very proud to have shared that intimate moment with 10,000 people because it felt as if I was sat in a living room with the band. They draw you in with their passion, their lyrics, their shyness towards their ‘fame’ and just Guy being Guy, he makes you feel like he’s your best friend!
        I still cannot believe I got a hug off him and still in disbelief he dedicated ‘Grace Under Pressure’ to me.
        My tattoo is the title from said song and is special because after all the angst and heart break I’ve been through, I still believe in love and I had it done for Abby and I.

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