Ashes to ashes

9 thoughts on “Ashes to ashes”

  1. Wonderful collection of pieces of writing, and lovely images too. It is all so sad, and disturbing. Thanks for the mention. I was wondering what might happen to David Nash’s Ash Dome.

    1. Particularly disturbing to think of Nash’s Ash Dome being felled. There may be hope – some experts are suggesting that certain older trees may survive.

  2. The Ash Dome caught my imagination when I read Wildwood, and this post brought the magic of it back and added to it, immeasurably. I’m glad Why Willows Weep is available on Kindle–I must have it, especially if it will help preserve ash trees.

  3. You write the most beautiful and inspiring essays. Thanks so much for feeding my mind. I was a country girl – brought up in the New Forest – and my heart aches to see trees suffer and our landscape change. There is so much happening to our trees at the moment. It’s frightening.

  4. When I was a child we had one big ash tree on the boundary of our garden. I loved the keys in the autumn and used to play with them imagining myself the keeper of a big house. And I loved the buds in the winter – they were animal hooves to me in my private animalistic world that I lived in where I was more animal than human! And so branches became horses, dinosaurs and monsters for me to play with.

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