Jim Al-Khalili’s Order and Disorder: elegant and beautiful science films

8 thoughts on “Jim Al-Khalili’s Order and Disorder: elegant and beautiful science films”

  1. Thanks for that Gerry, I would have missed that but for this article and Jim’s programme’s are always riveting and illuminating, I shall have to catch up. The one I have watched more than a few times is the one you covered at the end, ‘The Secret Life of Chaos’, which is just so powerful in not only the part played by the three scientists he highlights, including the tragic story of Alan Turing, but it always seemed to me to be one of those programmes which in the well worn cliche, should be required viewing in schools and other educational establishments.
    Its understanding of order and chaos and of how something appears to come from nothing and evolve by its own ‘self-design’ is just so astounding and so beautifully explained.
    Of course knowing all this stuff doesn’t help me pay the mortgage or stop me from cursing the idiot on the bike who cuts me up each morning, but at least it gives me something to hold onto that is of some consequence, and I suppose it helps me make a tenuous ‘chaos and order’ link between the beauty of our planet I see and that idiot on his bike.

    1. Very well put, Les. What do we do with the knowledge that the universe is slowly but steadily disintegrating? Pour another glass of wine I guess.

  2. “Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends.”
    ― Joseph Campbell, Creative Mythology: The Masks of God 4

  3. I am a complete non-scientist but enjoy Horizon. The imagery used in these two programmes were a delight. I wish I could grasp a smidgen of the second. Your review was equally a delight.

  4. Fantastic post. Love Jim, what an inspiring bloke.

    Interesting how you mentioned one of the passages I like the most: ‘All we’re doing is trying to preserve a tiny pocket of order in a cosmos that’s falling apart’.

    Very nice to see other people’s perspective on the subject.

    1. Thanks, Isaac, glad you enjoyed reading the post. Yes, I reckon Al-Khalili is one of the best educators and communicators on TV at present (his production team are part of this, too).

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