Vikings on the Wirral

11 thoughts on “Vikings on the Wirral”

      1. Hi Gerry, excellent post mate. My name is Chris Search. I would appreciate it if you could please contact me at Got some ideas about Viking stuff and Brunaburgh battle that you may find interesting and I need somebody like yourself to bounce some ideas off. I’ve read a few of your articles, one of which is extrememely pertinent. Thanks

  1. This is great Gerry. Lovely to know in whose footsteps we walk on so many of our Friday Walks. And not just the ones on the Wirral. Just the other week we were in North Meols, north of Southport, asking each other ‘What’s this all about?’ Now we know.

    1. Cheers, Ronnie. I agree, when you stumble across this sort of information it does open your eyes to the history of the place where you live.

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