A Magical Mystery Tour: It’s All Too Much

5 thoughts on “A Magical Mystery Tour: It’s All Too Much”

  1. Saw a recent TV prog about this – according to which ( and excuse my memory if wrong) it was all the idea of one Paul McCartney, wasnt really scripted, mostly featured Ringo arguing with an older woman on the coach ( and that wasnt scripted – it was ad lib) and basically the Yanks just didnt get it !( Americans didnt have coach mystery tours in the 1960s – am sure they still dont jeez just look how big that country is.) Much as I like Macca’s music this was not his finest (cinematography) hour and very very much a home movie only more so indeed a home movie on speed!! Still I do so still love the psychedelic music!!
    PS Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was apparently not a ref to LSD!

    1. I lived in America for 2 years in Boulder Colorado in 1979 & 80. Whilst I was there the Student Cinema, which showed several films every weekend, screened Magical Mystery Tour every week after a main feature, usually between 11pm & midnight. I finally went to see it, in colour, having not been able to see it in 1967. The Americans absolutely loved it and treated it as a psychedelic experience to be enjoyed with modified minds, you could still smoke in cinemas in those days, they certainly got it’s counter cultural vibe. Magical Mystery Tour was released as an album in the USA and it was common to see it next to, say Springsteen’s The RIver in hip 70s student record collections. The White Album remains Americans preference though.

      1. I never saw MMT in 1967 because we didn’t have a telly (we were poor, but the real reason was puritanical parents), so it’s quite comforting to read on your post that most people didn’t see it because it was on BBC2 which needed a new-fangled 625 line set!
        Astonishing, therefore, that whatever its faults, it’s taken until now for the BBC to screen it again. And, could it be that it was the nostalgia that the Beatles evinced in MMT for their working class childhood days that made the film so much less stimulating for English hippies than their American counterparts?

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