These books are made for walking: step one

8 thoughts on “These books are made for walking: step one”

    1. The Drovers Roads book by Fay Godwin has eluded me, but I’ve treasured her photographic accounts of the Ridgeway and of Ted Hughes country in Remains of Elmet. George Borrow’s Wild wales is one of those books I’ve been meaning to read for a long time, but never got round to. Maybe soon.

  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed that. I’ve been thinking a lot about paths and walking recently, with the intention of writing an extended article at some point. I was familiar with Richard Long’s work so these books are really great tips for further reading.

  2. Hi,

    Really great blog post! I’ve got a website up and running which allows people to GeoTag poems and stories and then have other people download them.

    It’s still a prototype for now – but maybe you could write something for it?

    You can find it at



  3. First time in my life I will try to ‘leave a reply’ – boldly so: using my school-English from some fourty years ago.
    Without having read through this blog (so I ignore if they may have been mentioned already and just by the way, if they would happen to belong here at all anyway) I would dare to add two further titles :
    Kenneth White : The blue Road (which I have not read to the day, I admit) and
    Tomas Espedal : Gå. Eller kunsten å leve et vilt og poetisk liv (which I read in the German version)

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