Robert Macfarlane: Old Ways and Wild Places

10 thoughts on “Robert Macfarlane: Old Ways and Wild Places”

  1. Lovely to see some images with the writing – as none appear in the books! I think Wild Places was a better book all round. I liked Old Ways in parts much as you did. However Old Ways has made me read more of Edward Thomas – currently All Roads Lead to France by Matthew Hollis, which I am enjoying.

  2. A wonderful post, I think the idea of wilderness is as much a matter of imagination as anything else, we have plenty of wilderness in the fens, if only one knows how to look for it.

    1. I think you’re right about imagination, Martin. Not only in sensing the wildness of unexpected places (take for example the idea of ‘edgelands’ in Paul Farley’s book) but also in the past of the places we inhabit today. I love to imagine, as Gillian Tisdall put it, in her book about London, ‘the fields beneath’ the streets of today.

  3. These have been on my list to read for ages…your post will spur me on. I love the description of the crack in the limestone – a wild world can be as small as this. You just need to look closer, slower.

  4. I’m just reading Wild Places and it has to be one of my favourite books. I thing McFarlane has just become a friend of mine on the definition of CS Lewis that friendships start when one person says to another, “Oh, you too? I thought I was the only one!” And maybe you are too! Good writing. Keep it up!

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