Steve des Landes: a mysterious and personal vision

8 thoughts on “Steve des Landes: a mysterious and personal vision”

  1. Thanks Gerry
    I really appreciate you taking the time to view the show and write a very considered and thought provoking review of my work.
    ‘The Cover Up’ was a development of ‘the Municipal Act’ I am still working through these ideas, these paintings are for me the meat of my work and draw me in, almost obsessively.
    They are perhaps symbolic of my life,I have always admired and felt a connection with the frieze of life by Munch and have recently been looking at the darker references in Graham Sutherlands work.
    My most recent paintings are beginning to draw upon my interest in landscape but not as we think we know it, to develop a landscape as narrative a mind-scapes, I want to use organic forms to explore some of the references in paintings such as ‘Cast upon stoney ground’ and look at landscape as a brutal harsh places full of trepidation as in the symbolic representation of Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden into a wilderness.
    For me we are in that wilderness right now rudderless and drowning in lack of purpose.
    I hope to explore some of these thoughts in some new paintings this Autumn.

    Regards Steve des Landes

    1. I look forward to seeing those new paintings – you may not be thinking of the same things that I am, but like you I feel that ‘we are in that wilderness right now rudderless and drowning in lack of purpose’.

  2. Fascinating artist I did not know of – I love the landscape especially, and the Spencerish scenes. Interesting he says in his comment that he is looking at Graham Sutherland – someone I have always liked. Shame I missed this when I was actually in Liverpool the other week. Another great review Gerry!

    1. You wonder whether work of this quality and interest is around in any town you might visit; it’s how you’d get to know about it if you’re just passing through. We’re making a flying visit to London 14-16 October. Anything you’d recommend? (We are going to see the David Nash at Kew).

  3. The last bit of the David Nash exhibition will be open by then – I am going to do another post on it after that! The Patrick Keiller at Tate Britain finishes on the 14th and is excellent if you haven’t seen it – landscape and politics! Otherwise there is a Peter Doig exhibition which I haven’t seen yet. I preferred his earlier work in fact but he has that semi figurative /landscape slightly other world feel. That is at a new gallery Michael Werner in Upper Brook St.

    1. Thanks for those tips, Diana. The Patrick Keiller looks really interesting but it finishes the day we arrive -and we are booked into the Saturday afternoon matinee of Timon of Athens at the National. We saw a really good Peter Doig exhibition at the Tate a few years ago, so might give that a go.

  4. Hi Gerry

    I hope you receive this message, as I was unable to find a way to contact you directly.
    I would like to send you a new catalogue of my recent work from the past 18 months also I have a previous catalogue that I would like you to have which represents the work you have reviewed.
    Many thanks

    Steve des Landes

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