From Earth, Light: back to Sutton Manor’s Dream

7 thoughts on “From Earth, Light: back to Sutton Manor’s Dream”

  1. Hi
    From your article I understand that Plensa’s sculpture has been there some three years now?
    The same sculpture was temporarily erected in New York last year during summer months. I immediately fell in love with it. It has a surreal touch to it. It was standing in a park, surrounded by trees, a quite intimate setting. Completely different to the place you are showing. There the gaze of the girl wanders over the wide landscape, so it seems.
    I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it there!
    I suppose it is a permanent installation?

    1. It couldn’t have been the same piece – Dream at Sutton Manor is permanent and immovable (it’s 20 metres high, and the foundation piles go down almost twice that distance underground). The NYC piece must have been a maquette.

  2. Have to agree, the seasons they are a-changing but then we are close to the official change to autumn on Sept 21. The days will only get colder now for many more more months. This has been the poorest and wettest summer I can ever recall, must have been bad for farmers and our home tourist industry. Amazingly though the weather behaved itself for the Olympics…………

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