Walking the Mersey: Oglet shore

32 thoughts on “Walking the Mersey: Oglet shore”

  1. I think this is the most interesting and in-depth blog I have ever read! It must have taken you ages. Fascinating history about Speke too – the airport terminal is beautiful.

  2. Sunday morning and I was just wondering if I should take the dog for a walk down ‘Oggy Shore’ and I thought I’d google to see if anybody had anything to say about it. This is wonderful blog with some amazing photos. It brought back memories from my childhood in the 50’s when we’d all take a bottle of pop and a few butties and go there for picnics. Well, that settles it, we’re off to take the dog down there this afternoon :)

  3. went for a walk down oggy shore on tuesday fantastic always brings back memoriese i love oglet shore so peaceful diana you were lucky a bottle of pop ours was water ha

  4. what a lovely afternoon down oglet shore never get fed up with it sun sea oooo its sad that the rubbish is not cleaned up

  5. the old concrete pillars your referring to are old sewer vents allowing methane to be released into the air not sure but i think there is 4 on oggy leading towards garstan.i love oggy great for fossil finds and ww2 finds

  6. Thanks for the history lesson Gerry, thought I knew Oglet Shore! I moved to Speke in 1958 with my folks when I was five and we lived in East Damwood Road. Oglet Shore was just down the road from where we lived as are the Millwoods and the Damwoods (Much reduced now!) My cousins who lived in Toxteth used to think they were out in the country side when they came to visit us! Although I don’t live in Speke these days I still visit Oglet and the surrounding woods on a weekly basis.

  7. Great article. …. summed up most of my memories and feelings regarding the whole area. I think there is one inaccuracy regarding the date for the building of the runway. This runway (at the rear of Speke hall) was in place before the 80s. The terminal wasn’t completed until the mid to late 80s, but the runway was operational from the early 70s or perhaps earlier.

  8. Great article. …. summed up most of my memories and feelings regarding the whole area. I think there is one inaccuracy regarding the date for the building of the runway. This runway (at the rear of Speke hall) was in place before the 80s. The terminal wasn’t completed until the mid to late 80s, but the runway was operational from the early 70s or perhaps earlier.

    1. Thanks, Tom. I’m glad you appreciated the post. I stand corrected about the runway – thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  9. Fantastic read as I child me being the second eldest of 11 kids we never went on holiday but we alway’s went to Oglet Shore right round to the light house and to think we used to swim in the water I still have old black and white photo’s of all us kids in different places along the walk and of us swimming in the water it bring’s back a lot of memmorie’s

    1. Cheers, Kathy – glad to be able to revive the childhood memories. As for myself – I came to these parts much later, arriving in Liverpool as a university student in ’67. I’ve love the place ever since, and never left. Swimming in that water, though! You could probably do it again now – the river is cleaner than it ever was.

  10. Just reading your blog about Oglet Shore Liverpools own Southend beach Lol..Is Oglet beach accessible by car or do you have to walk to get to it..Would like to go down and take some photos.

    1. Turn off Hale Road at Dungeon Lane, go down past the end of the airport, then either park at the end with the plane watchers or turn right and drive further to Dungeon farm where there is a parking space. You will have to walk about 5 minutes from either point.

  11. Really interesting piece on an area where lot of people would only think of the negatives aspects of Speke. I often would park up and eat my butties on my lunch/tea break in the surrounding area when I worked as a police officer in Widnes. Well done, great article.


  12. Thanks for the great article Gerry. I saw a link on Facebook. The pyramids Ken Pye refers to early on were placed as tank traps but no in Speke. Like the house bricks that litter Dungeon Point, they were all dumped there after the war when sites were cleared in other parts of the city. We have been watching the mud down there disappear for the last 15 years and recently got out to one of the sand banks near Hale Lighthouse! The water left in little pools out there was absolutely clear – no wonder the marine life is doing so well! Thanks again for the interesting story.

    1. Thanks, Lynne, I really appreciate your comments, and the interesting points you make. The dumped house bricks must have been dumped at the same time as the same were being deposited along Crosby shore (see my post here: http://wp.me/poJrg-ny).

  13. Dear Gerry , what a delightful blog to read , thanks so much for sharing this with us. I am honoured you have chosen to use part of my old Speke Memories article used by Tom Ryder on his old Speke website….this blog and your others have brought back many happy memories. Keep up your great writings…they are a treasure.
    Vinny Edwards , Spekite , via Brisbane and currently based in Suva , Fiji..!!

    1. Vinny – I really appreciate your comments on the blog. It’s an honour to have a quoted author respond to the post in this way. You’ve certainly moved a long way from the Oglet shore! May I ask: which is better – Oglet or Fiji?

  14. Hah hahh …well Gerry I have to say that both have their plus’s and minus’s. I left Speke in 86 to move to Brisbane and have been back 4 times in that time. I have to say the first time I went back , I came back to Brisbane very disillusioned with Liverpool , and in particular Speke. It seemed that successive Governments , had knocked the “shite and stuffing” (to quote, George from The Boy’s from the Blackstuff) , but successive visits back made me feel more positive about Speke’s future. Having read your blogs it seems there is a growing future , which makes me very happy. It’s been about 14 yrs since my last trip back , but when this gig in Suva, Fiji is over , we’ll definitely come home for an extended visit as I now have a 9yr old son and a wife who are itching to go back and meet family they’ve never met and to see the places I’ve told them about. I do love visiting the places of my childhood on my trips home. The older you get the more your past means to you and you realise that the future you live is largely conditioned by the past. Speke , for all it’s troubles gave me a wonderful childhood as I’m sure you’ve read in my Speke Memories notes…and I will always treasure those memories. I’ve spent wonderful “virtual visits” to my old hometown through your blogs…keep them up.
    Best wishes from Fiji.
    From an old ( and proud ) Speke-ite..!!


    1. Thanks, Vinny. During your virtual visits and before you return bodily I would recommend exploring the links in the right had panel under Liverpool, if you haven’t done so already. I would recommend fellow Liverpudlian blogger Ronnie Hughes who writes a lot more posts about Liverpool than I do at A Sense of Place. All those sites are interesting, though.

  15. The b&w picture of the boys having fun was at dungeon not oglet .The boy on his own with blonde hair,hands in pockets and legs crossed is me,the picture would,I think,have been taken sometime between 1956 to 58 approx.My aunty lived at riverside ,the nearest house on top of the hills on Turners nurserys land.I spent all of my youth down there on the shore.

    1. Thanks, William – it’s really interesting to have the archaeological details of an old photo revealed like that. Next question is: who took the photo? Looking more closely at it I wonder if it was staged – the four boys in the centre seem to have been choreographed. Do you remember the moment?

  16. Hello all, you may be interested to know there is a Facebook group now called Friends of Oglet. They have recently been given a large grant to improve the shoreline from Dungeon towards Hale (sadly, not Oglet itself as the group name is slightly misleading!) Nevertheless, they are looking for interested parties to give their ideas so if anyone is interested, please have a look at their page. They are hoping to improve parking, steps and paths amongst other things. We were hoping the original end of Oglet Lane that runs down to the shore from Yew Tree Farm was being improved but it’s not included – this time. You might also be pleased to know Yew Tree is still standing, despite all the old buildings in that area being bought a up and demolished by the airport. It was empty until recently but we were relieved to see the windows being painted recently and a car outside so fingers crossed.
    Best wishes.

  17. Thank you so much for this wonderful information. Raised in the Dingle but lived in Wales for 2nd years and returned in Capital of Culture year 20th. I am only just discovering my home town.

  18. really good site , brought a lot of memories back, the old cottages on oglet lane t.s conway training place the damwoods getting chased by the farmer mr critchley when fishing on the roachie and perchy,it was a different world back in the 50`s/60`s

  19. Good read…. I go into oglet quite a lot on my day boat, travelling from fidlers ferry…. A lot of history with the place ,,,

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