Rolling Stones at fifty: Not Fade Away

8 thoughts on “Rolling Stones at fifty: Not Fade Away”

  1. Thanks Gerry! Also check out the full 5 minutes of their first Pathe News clip, including all of Around and Around played in Hull, on the Guardian site;

    You might like Paul Sexton’s curation of their music on BBC Radio6 as part of The Stones on The Stones.
    There are no obvious choices and a number of obscure picks. I think you can tell that Paul Sexto prefers the grungy churn of their Ron Wood sound to the melodic counter-point of the Mick Taylor years but it is an unusually excellent selection and he plays the tracks in full! Respect :-)

  2. HI, a quick look in the mirror and I guess I am not getting any younger either! Still Rock and Roll takes its toll. I remember seeing them at Earls Court around 1975 (Black and Blue Tour?) Thanks for the reminder, Andy.

  3. great band :) Ron Wood is brill but Ronnie is a one man band in some respects; my fave lineup was the Mick Taylor foil to Keith’s growl. Such a shame Brian Jones never went on to form his own band but there are so many ‘could have been’ scenarios in roch’n’roll i guess

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