Festival: after all these years, a new park for Liverpool

3 thoughts on “Festival: after all these years, a new park for Liverpool”

  1. Long before my daughter was thought of my husband, brother and his then girl friend, my mother and I drove to Liverpool to the Garden Festival. We left Reading at the crack of dawn and returned that evening it rained heavily all day. We had a great day with fond memories and pictures. Little did we know that nearly 25 or so years later our daughter would go to Liverpool Uni and cycle to the ‘garden’ from time to time.

    1. Time passing, children moving on…as I indicated in my post, our memories of the Festival site and its subsequent history, are tied up with those of our daughter.

  2. Please visit the only dedicated appreciation group to the Festival Gardens and their legacy. See Facebook’s Festival Gardens Park Liverpool group and view over 1,000 archive pictures of all 5 Garden Festivals – Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent, Glasgow, Gateshead and Ebbw Vale (Wales).

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